Chili Dog MVP Book Reviews

“For all baseball fans”

“This is a book not just for White Sox fans, but for all baseball fans. It tells in exquisite detail the story of a special player, a special team, a special season. It tells you what baseball was like before free agency, before every game was televised … before the Internet and Twitter and if you missed the game you tuned in a local radio station for the sports report (they actually had real people working there!) or got the newspaper the next day…that’s the way it was…long ago but not forgotten.

“It all comes back alive in this book, the season of 1972, inside and outside of White Sox Park (which is what Comiskey Park was called that season). So, sit back down, grab a cold Falstaff, tune in Harry Caray and remember…”

~ Mark Liptak, White Sox Historian