Chili Dog MVP Book Reviews

“Chili Dog MVP even reminded me of facts about my own career”

Never had I witnessed such fan fervor as when Dick Allen came to bat. This resulted in his exclusive walk-up, “Jesus Christ, Superstar,”  my first song to editorialize a players performance. 

Life behind my keyboard was glorious.

Life behind the scenes, I learned…not so much.

The “Chil Dog MVP’s” authors’ forensic-style of  research, involving a vast array of sources and checking long-forgotten information, captured Chicago history with its societal and political upheaval — tumultuous and even tragic personal moments that shaped attitudes of the media, fans and Dick Allen.

The book provides the reader with a  clear understanding of  the big picture surrounding all of us and this once-in-a-generation superstar.

Wow, “Chili Dog MVP” even reminded me of facts about my own career that over the years had escaped my memory.

~ Legendary White Sox Organist Nancy Faust