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“Chili Dog MVP” Authors speak at Headlines from History series In-person at Cantigny Park

The Robert R. McCormick House at Cantigny Park resumed its Headlines from History series with a presentation by the authors of “Chili Dog MVP: Dick Allen, the ’72 White Sox, and a Transforming Chicago.”

Co-Author Dr. David Fletcher talked about a unique time and place in baseball and Chicago history, when the arrival of a controversial slugger electrified Chicago and the White Sox stayed in town. The program weaved a narrative of Allen, his teammates, broadcaster Harry Caray, and organist Nancy Faust bringing pride to a franchise that had one foot out of town to Milwaukee just 2½ years previously. The “Chili Dog MVP” program brought to life a more innocent time in baseball intertwining with the hard truths of a hyper-political city like Chicago. In both baseball and life, for which the game is often a metaphor, past is prologue.

David Fletcher attended 20 White Sox games in 1972, witnessing first-hand what Dick Allen meant to Chicago. He later became close to Allen and his family, even speaking at the seven-time All-Star’s funeral in 2020.

John Owens is an award-winning media professional with more than 30 years of experience as a writer, journalist, producer, director, and videographer. He was unable to attend due to car issues.

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