Original Interviews from Chili Dog MVP!

Goose Gossage is a Hall of Fame reliever who was a rookie on the 1972 White Sox and mentored by Dick Allen.

Fergie Jenkins is a Hall of Fame pitcher who was a sometimes roommate of Dick Allen in the Phillies organization and a tough mound opponent as a Chicago Cub and Texas Ranger.

Billy Williams is a Hall of Fame outfielder who was a National League contemporary of Dick Allen as a Chicago Cub from 1964-71.

Bud Selig is the former commissioner of Major League Baseball who tried to buy the White Sox and move them to Milwaukee in 1969.

Dusty Baker is the Houston Astros manager who admired Dick Allen growing up and was counseled by Allen as a young Atlanta Brave in 1971.

Jim Kaat was an ace left-handed pitcher who was a Dick Allen White Sox teammate in 1973-74.

Newton Minow is the former commissioner of the FCC who championed a UHF spectrum on which the White Sox prematurely placed their TV rights, to disastrous results.,

Richard (Doobie) Allen, Jr. is Dick Allen’s son who was with him part of the 1972 season.

Hank Allen is Dick Allen’s brother and a teammate on the White Sox.

Ric Allen is Dick Allen’s nephew.

Nancy Faust is the groundbreaking ballpark organist whose profile increased thanks to Dick Allen in 1972.

Bill Melton was Dick Allen’s White Sox teammate from 1972-74 and the American League home-run champion in 1971.

Wilbur Wood was the White Sox’s knuckleballing lefty ace who was Dick Allen’s teammate from 1972-74.

Stan Bahnsen was the White Sox’s top right-handed starter and a Dick Allen teammate from 1972-74.

Tom Bradley was a White Sox right-handed starter in 1971-72 and a Dick Allen teammate the latter season.

Terry Forster was the White Sox’s 20-year-old southpaw closer in 1972 and a Dick Allen teammate from 1972-74.

Carlos May was a White Sox outfielder from 1968 to 1975 who often batted behind Dick Allen in the lineup.

Phil Regan was a longtime National League closer who was briefly a Dick Allen White Sox teammate in 1972.

Ken Holtzman was a top left-handed starter for the Chicago Cubs and Oakland Athletics who pitched against Dick Allen from 1966 to 1974.

Ron Kittle was the White Sox’s AL Rookie of the Year in 1983 who grew up watching Dick Allen in Comiskey Park.

Bruce Tanner was the son of White Sox manager Chuck Tanner and briefly a big-league pitcher.

Roger Bossard has been the head groundskeeper at two White Sox ballparks since 1983 after working as father Gene Bossard’s assistant starting in 1967.

Jim O’Keefe was the White Sox clubhouse attendant who cooked the chili Dick Allen spilled on his uniform just before the Chili Dog Homer in 1972.

Jim Riley was a White Sox clubhouse employee during Dick Allen’s tenure.

Rory Clark was a White Sox batboy during Dick Allen’s tenure.

Glen Rosenbaum was White Sox batting practice pitcher during Dick Allen’s tenure.

Scott Rosenbaum is the son of Glen Rosenbaum.

Tom Shaer is a longtime Chicago sportscaster, editor, public relations man and baseball/broadcasting historian.

Bruce Levine is a four-decade Chicago baseball reporter who grew up on Chicago’s South Side.

Tim Cronin is a longtime Chicago southwest-suburban sportswriter and author.

Kenny McReynolds is a longtime Chicago TV and radio sportscaster who grew up as a Dick Allen fan near Comiskey Park.

Mark Liptak is a sportscaster and a White Sox historian.

Mike Pols is former Sullivan High School football coach who benefitted from “permissive transfers” of students from Chicago’s South Side in the early 1970s.

Tom Weinberg is a longtime Chicago TV producer who produced a White Sox postgame radio show in 1971.

Roger Wallenstein is a longtime White Sox blogger who hosted Weinberg’s postgame radio show in 1971.

Ron Eisenstein is a lifelong White Sox fan from the far South Side who kept his allegiance despite moving to the North Side in 1969.

Mark Schultz is a political cartoonist who grew up as a White Sox fan on Chicago’s far North Side.

Dave Dillman was a director at WFLD-TV when it began airing the White Sox in 1968.

A former top Chicago police official who preferred to remain anonymous gave the perspective of a rookie Chicago cop in 1972.