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Dick Allen Press Conference – June 12, 2012

What a wonderful man Dick was. A honest loyal.and determined player and citizen. He suffered too much in his MLB career. Put. Dick Allen in the Hall of Fame now!!

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I don’t think White Sox fans under 50 can appreciate how he carried a very ordinary 1972 team on his shoulders. Melton suffered a back injury, Kelly didn’t hit past June. Johnstone, Andrews, Alvarado, Reichardt all stunk. May was great and Hermann was solid. They had no business being 20 games over .500. Allen was spectacular virtually every day.

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Chili Dog MVP Press Box: News & Media

The late Jack Brickhouse on how his Hey Hey HR call got started…Jack a major character in my chapters

The Chicago Baseball Museum is presenting classic interviews from the archives of CBM historian George Castle’s “Diamond Gems” syndicated weekly baseball radio show, which aired from 1994 to 2010.

This edition features one of four consecutive segments taken from a retrospective on the career of famed Chicago announcer Jack Brickhouse, taped in Aug. 1997. In this segment, Jack recalls how his famed “Hey Hey” home-run call came about around 1950, in the first years of televised baseball at Wrigley Field. Brickhouse had been using the call for homers by Cubs slugger Hank Sauer without realizing it. Brickhouse also will be honored this season with a bobblehead day at Wrigley Field as part of its 100th anniversary. The Chicago Baseball Museum supports the Brickhouse family in the promotional effort.

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