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Terry Forster interview with David Letterman: “Forster a ‘tub of goo'”

David Letterman interviews baseball player Terry Forster, at that time a member of the Atlanta Braves. Aired July 29, 1985.

[Letterman] insulted Forster as a “fat tub of goo” and Forster threatened to sue him, but then realized that he WAS a fat tub of goo. They reconciled, and Forster came on the program eating a bunch of hot dogs exuding self deprecating humor about his weight.


This guy’s weight overshadowed the fact he was a very good reliever and quite athletic.

Daniel Zanier

I still use the phrase “Tub of Goo” to describe a fat pitcher. He was a great sport coming on the Letterman show.

Cali John

Not a good idea to piss off a champion pitcher. They have killer brains.

Janis Gay